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The user is asked to read these notes carefully. Access to and navigation on this site and its pages implies acceptance of these notes.

1. Information on services offered by the IT company

Herein the user will find the information required by law, with particular reference to article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003.

The services that may be accessed at the website (herein referred to as the “website”) are supplied by the Tuvia Group s.r.l, with registered offices in Milan (Italy), Via Quintiliano 31/A, entered in the Registry of Companies of Milan, registration number and tax code and VAT no. 08248610159, number REA MI-1212332 (herein referred to as "Tuvia").

The supplier of the hosting service is fabbricadigitale srl, with registered offices at Via Volta no. 3, 26041 Casalmaggiore (Cremona, Italy).

2. Copyright

All copyrights relative to the website, the images, text, slogans, sounds or any other material contained in its pages, and the codes and other relative software programs are the exclusive property of Tuvia, unless less those rights, from time to time, might be indicated differently, within the legitimate possibility of Tuvia Italia to grant those rights by concession of the appropriate owners.

Permission is granted to the user to make use of the above mentioned intellectual property only for personal and informational purposes.

It is forbidden to copy, download, distribute, modify, produce derivative works or extracts, publish or otherwise use of exploit this material without the prior consent of Tuvia or, depending on the case, of other owners of the relative copyrights, or unless such activity is not expressly permitted by notice or instructions on the website.

In any case the reproduction of intellectual property rights concerning the website for the purpose of sale, distribution for commercial purposes, insertion or collocation (by posting) on other unauthorised sites is forbidden.

Violation of laws protecting intellectual property may cause the offender to suffer civil and penal punishment.

© Copyright Tuvia Group srl. All rights reserved.

3. Trademarks

The Tuvia Italia and Tuvia Group trademarks, logos, commercial names, symbols, icons and any other distinguishing marks contained in the pages of the website are registered trademarks and/or service trademarks of Tuvia used in various countries around the world or in the process of being registered, or are granted for use to Tuvia through licensing by the respective owners, depending upon the case.

Any reproduction or use in any form and for any purpose of the logos, commercial names, symbols, icons and any other distinguishing marks is therefore forbidden.

Tuvia Group reserves the right to take any and all legal action necessary to protect its rights.

4. Cookies

Except for those cases envisioned in article 122 of Italian legislative decree no. 196 of 2003, Tuvia may use cookies to collect information concerning users who access the website to personalise their access while saving a memory of their configurations. Tuvia may at the same time use cookies by third parties for the sole purpose of monitoring traffic on the website (Google Analytics). These cookies are program files that the user’s browser registers on his/her computer while navigating on the website. The majority of browsers accept these cookies automatically.

The automatic registration may be avoided or cancelled later, by configuring the browser not to accept the cookies or by signalling when a cookie is sent. During this process, Tuvia gathers only anonymous data, that does not there constitute personal data and which, in any case, is not communicated to third parties nor used to get in contact with the user.

If the user’s browser does not accept cookies, the use of specific functions on the website may be limited.

5. Electronic mail messages

Electronic mail messages (e-mail) that may be sent by the user to the contact addresses indicated on the website are not published or otherwise disclosed (unless expressly authorised by the sender) and are saved in a special directory of Tuvia’s digital system for a period of time strictly necessary for the purposes for which those messages are sent.

Access to those messages is granted to authorised persons through an authentication system in conformance with attachment B of Italian legislative decree no. 196 of 2003. Interested persons may exercise all those rights indicated in article 7 of legislative decree no. 196 of 2003 and, in particular, have the right to know which messages are present in the archives and to obtain their cancellation by writing .

6. Links to other websites

The website may contain links to third party websites, in respect of respecting the principles of decorum, honesty and integrity and, in any case within the limits permitted by law.

The links present on the website conform to the type of users of the website and, in any case, do not refer to material reserved for adults only or otherwise restricted or forbidden by law. The treatment of personal data recorded on the websites of third parties is performed by subjects that are independent of Tuvia Italia which declines all liability. In particular, Tuvia Italia is not liable for any violations imputed by their content.

Links to other sites on the first page of the website are permitted (surface links); no authorisation is necessary in that sense, but indication of the link inserted is appreciated. Any further link forms (in particular to text or extracts specifically inserted in the website, the so-called deep links) are subject to Tuvia's pre-evaluation.

7. Liability

Tuvia offers no guarantees concerning information, data, images and, in general, contents of the website or their accuracy, updating or completeness and shall not be held liable for any damage of any nature, direct or indirect, deriving from access or use of the website and/or the material and information contained therein, including, for example, inadequate or inaccurate information, expressions or suggestions, unavailability, delays or non-transmission of messages, improper management or deriving from the use of any other information contained in other websites, either through hyperlinks, bookmarks, suggestions or other content, to the greatest extent permitted by the law.

Tuvia reserves at its own sole discretion the right to make, without advance notice, modifications, updates, corrections, additions to the website, suspending its use temporarily or definitively for any reason, limiting access to certain users for all those cases permitted by law.

Any links offered by the website to other websites does not imply that Tuvia is in any way liable for the content of those websites, nor that Tuvia is aware of their effective content or exploitation over time, nor do they constitute approval or support of that content.

8. Protection of personal data

Tuvia acknowledges its own obligations in the field of personal data protection by the users of the website, with particular attention granted to consumers and minors.

In relation to one or more services that may be accessed on the website, Tuvia acquires personal data directly from the user, including the prior consent of the latter in those cases where consent is required by law.

As regards those items not referred to here, the treatment of the user’s personal data is performer in conformance with the relative Privacy Policy. That policy may be easily accessed on the website, within the context of the registration procedure for the user, on the relative page.

9. Contacts

Any communication relating to the website or its services offered on the website may be sent to the following address:

Tuvia Group srl
Via Quintiliano 31/A
20138 - Milano (MI)

Tuvia Italia S.p.A. executes its activity of freight-forwarder or freight-forwarder/carrier in accordance with its own general conditions for freight-forwarding and transportation published in digital format here and deposited in the Notary Zabban-Notari-Rampolla Chambers, file no. 48079, progressive no. 11940. The terms and conditions are deemed known and accepted by the customer. If and when the customer places an order to Tuvia Italia S.p.A. through any means of communication, telephone included, such general terms and conditions shall be deemed fully accepted by the customer at the time of ordering.

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